Richter Ranch

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Welcome to the Richter Ranch. Home of JR Frenchmans Payday and Playboys Up N Dun It. We raise performance horses with a focus on speed.

Our signature sires are JR Frenchmans Payday, a son of PC Frenchmans Hayday and Playboys Up N Dun It, a son of Hollywood Dun It. Playboy was a world qualifier in Roping.  He has gathered over 60 points in AQHA events. 

Our mares are bred for speed and our band consists of daughters of Genuine Doc, Mr Peponita Flo, PC Bronsin, Driftwood Hank, and Lone Drifter.

It takes mare power to raise great prospects and a great home to develop a great horse. We would like to thank all our customers for the special homes they have created for the horses purchased from our breeding program. We truly appreciate your business. If you own a horse from our program, please email us. We would like to add your story to our References page.

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